Our world is broken. Don’t let it break you.

Freedom Preacher

Our world is broken. Don’t let it break you.

The Freedom Preacher wants you to be happier!

AND you can talk to him about it in a LIVE “Freedom Preacher Zoom Session.”

Would you be happier in a happier world? I think you would. And I suspect that you think so too.

If you agree, you can join me, the Freedom Preacher, and others in a live, real time Zoom session. Let’s figure out why this world of ours is so unhappy. Even better — let’s figure out what we can do about it!

The Freedom Preacher and a skeptical listener

Freedom Preacher: “Your life would be better — maybe a lot better — in a free and rational world.”

(Maybe) You: “No kidding! Let me know when that world shows up. In the meantime, what good does it do to worry about it? We are stuck with this one.”

Freedom Preacher: “We may not be as completely stuck as you think. I believe it’s possible to make things better by relearning a skill that our toxic world has weakened.”

“My goal as the Freedom Preacher is to help us rebuild the habit of getting along with each other. It’s that simple and it’s that powerful.”

You: “Well… OK, that might help. Tell me more. A little more, anyway.”

Freedom Preacher: “Here you go. And thanks for listening!”

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Maybe you are one of the lucky ones

Maybe you are already pretty happy with the “big pieces” of your life. For most people, these are your career and your relationships. Whoever said “There is work, and there is love” really hit the nail on the head.

And if a friend, family member, or someone else you care about is struggling with the issues discussed here, feel free to pass whatever information that you think may be helpful onto them. Maybe they would benefit from receiving the Freedom Preacher newsletter! Please be sure to get their permission first if you plan to sign them up.

But maybe some of this sounds familiar:

  • Meaningless work; demanding bosses; apathetic coworkers
  • Endless anxiety about paying the bills
  • Stressful relationships with friends and family, many of whom face the same struggles
  • Economic collapse? Hyperinflation? Nuclear war? Make it stop!!!

To add insult to injury, our society does its best to convince you that something is wrong with you if you are not happy.

Blame the victims?

But what if this is 100% backwards? What if the problem is our increasingly dysfunctional society itself that seems determined to make a satisfying existence all but impossible for more and more individuals?

This is why I decided to become the Freedom Preacher:

You are not “broken” if you are unhappy in a society as intentionally distorted as ours. It is manipulative and dishonest to imply that you are in an attempt to “paper over” the damage done by this society.


My goal as the Freedom Preacher is to help clarify the true causes of this unhappiness — and, hopefully, build on this to provide some genuine solutions. Or at least some improvement.

OK, I am not 100% convinced but I am curious. How can I learn more?

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  • Career, family. Thoughts and experiences as the Freedom Preacher deals with these pillars of our existence.
  • Stories. A variety of situations in which the Freedom Preacher attempts to deal with others respectfully while insisting on the same in return.
  • Commentary. This section will feature “current events” from a Freedom Preacher—that is, free and rational—perspective.
  • Becoming. A brief summary of how the Freedom Preacher came to be.


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Freedom Preacher Articles and Stories

Ambitious Stepfather

Ambitious Stepfather

This type inquiry is sometimes dismissed as “blaming” others for our problems. But if there is something in your past that affects your life today – and possibly tomorrow – why not take a look at it?

The “Molly Story”

The “Molly Story”

Surprise! Unlike before, she was genuinely paying attention to each and every customer, nice as could be to them in addition to getting their orders filled efficiently. Yes, I was definitely amazed.

E.T. — Get a job!

E.T. — Get a job!

Marvin wanted to apologize to Minnie but how to find her? Somewhere on the planet, she’s still as lost to Marvin as she was in the depths of the Cosmos.

Always Have an “Or Else”

Always Have an “Or Else”

The hypocrisy of the “no ultimatums” policy is somewhat galling when you think about it…. a more accurate policy would be “No ultimatums for you (or else!)”

Treat Me Wrong, Treat Me Right: Who Decides?

Treat Me Wrong, Treat Me Right: Who Decides?

“Gentlemen, it says right in the Bible that no man shall serve two masters. When you guys decide which of you is going to make this decision, please let me know and I will do my best to get the job done at that point.”

Had to work on conflicts. But which ones?

Had to work on conflicts. But which ones?

My need — maybe “obsession” is more accurate — to understand and, hopefully, to do something about this disconnect between what most of us say we want and the conflict-ridden world we have created has led me to become the Freedom Preacher.